Living in San Diego
Sep, 2011 – May, 2012 Laval University (Quebec City, Canada)
Exchange student in software engineering and computer science
Graduating with the equivalent of a Master Degree in Computer Science
Sep, 2009 – Oct, 2012 Engineering School of University of Nantes (Nantes, France)
Student in Software Engineering and Networks
Graduated with the equivalent of a Master Degree in Computer Science
Sep, 2006 – May, 2009 University of South Brittany (Vannes, France)
Student in Computer Science
Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science with honors
Work Experience
Jan. 2015 – Present Full-stack engineer at Curology (San Diego, USA)
Curology aims at making dermatologists accessible easily, and for cheap, in the USA. We have a full-stack platform to help reaching this goal (dermatologists, in-house lab, shipping system). To do so, I have been working on projects related to each of those areas, wearing multiple hats. Those projects can go from creating a support center in React.js, to implement a complex signup flow in Ember.js, making the process fun and dynamic for our users. I have also been working on creating our whole testing infrastructure (unit, integration, screenshots comparison) to make sure we could move fast while keep a consistent quality. On a side note, I am also the organizer of the San Diego React.js meetup. We meet once a month at the Curology offices.
PHP/Laravel Javascript React.js Ember.js
May. 2012 – Sep. 2014 Software engineer at (Budapest, Hungary)
During my two years at Prezi, I have been part of several teams. I started as a developer in charge of implementing new features for the Prezi editor, in order to increase the number of reccurring users. Then, I joined the Collaboration team where I implemented complex user interfaces and new features for real time editing and presenting of Prezi presentations. I also joined the Javascript team where I worked on implementing a UI framework for other developers including a lot of architectural decisions.
Actionscript Javascript Typescript Haxe React.js Python
May, 2011 – Sep, 2011 Intern Android Developer at UC Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, USA)
I was in charge of implementing two prototypes in Android for two different projects. The first project was targeting people suffering from Aphasia. The Android application created was displaying images, with multiple choices for their meaning, or recording sentences repeated by the user. A web interface has also been implemented to provide an easy way for a therapist to follow the evolution of a patient. The second project was an electronic calendar for tablets for people with Alzeihmer. This was an easy way to study their habits by recording their interaction with the application (handwriting, and taking pictures). I also took part in the redaction of papers submitted for conferences.
Android/Java PHP
Jun, 2010 – Sep, 2010 Intern Developer at Jurisoft (Nantes, France)
Using Delphi, I implemented a system to automatically update the desktop version of the main software of the company, as a SOAP web service. The second part of my internship was to redesign and add features to the Downloads page of the company website.
Delphi PHP Javascript
Developer at JumyApps
We mainly design and develop applications on our free time. So far, we have several board games, and a Twitter client focusing on ergonomy, making your usage of Twitter easier by providing nice to use features. Entirely conceived by us, we are also in charge of promoting them through various channels.
Creation of a NPM module: json-resume-dynamic
On my free time, I work on various open-source projects of my own. Those mostly includes small packages, easy to integrate. For example, this resume is generated through a npm package of my own called json-resume-dynamic. I have also a markdown editor with preview implemented in React.js that is currently used in production at Curology. I am also maintaining Reddit and Cloudinary API wrappers for Laravel, available as composer packages. My last project is a small npm package to help you generate a calendar showing all your Bitbucket and Github contributions as a React component, easy to display on your website.
Javascript React.js Laravel Node.js Various APIs
Creation of a blog engine
I implemented my blog engine and personal website and decided mid-way that it would be nice to extract a smal CMS for developers. It provides an admin interface and different ways of backing your data like Dropbox or Google Drive, uses Markdown posts and it is aiming to make your life easier if you decide to have a personal blog. It is still in development but soon to be released.
Flask/Python Javascript Various APIs
Javascript React.js Ember.js Laravel Android/Java Python/Flask/Django
French (Native language)
English (Bilingual)
Soccer (played competitively for more than 18 years)
This is when I started to discover an interest for programming. On my free time I started to work on my first website, using Ruby on Rails. You can still find the source on Github.
Fun fact: my first Android app was a shopping list application for a school project.
Done in collaboration with @atomrc at the time.
I learned so much during my time there. From testing to continuous deployment.
Some technologies and tools that I used:
  • Jenkins
  • Pig/Hadoop
  • Cucumber
  • Gradle
You can find the submitted paper here and the implementation for the Electronic Calendar in the Github repo.
Everything is open-source on my Github
One of my favorite author is Stephane Bourgoin.
My daily readings include:
  • Hacker News
  • Various programming related subreddits
  • Netflix tech blog
  • Linkedin tech blog
  • and a lot of nice blog posts to read found through Twitter